About Lizardwebs

We include this information if you have come here looking for computer repair and are asking yourself, “But.. what the.. Where?”  Lizardwebs has grown over the years. Through ups and downs, and in the last couple of years, a major shift back to our web roots.  With the world increasingly swirling around activities and services being found via the internet, focusing entirely on the web has been a strategic move for us. While I, and the rest of the Lizardwebs crew, spent several years running a successful computer repair business, it wasn’t where I personally really wanted to be. It slowly slid to second and then third place behind our SEO and  web services. Almost two years ago, instead of being a computer repair company with a side in web/seo, we made the turn to All Web / All SEO.

Where is the computer repair?

If you need an awesome PC technician, you need to contact Troy Alcorn at BuckeyePC.net He was the primary technician for Lizardwebs for the last 3 years before we switched. When I switched, Troy took the opportunity to take over our existing customers and become BuckeyePC. Troy comes highly recommended from me. As I have backed away from computer repair myself even – and recently switched to the Mac platform – I rely on Troy for repairs to my OWN family’s Windows PC computers.  He handles anything in the Raleigh Triangle area including Clayton NC with a dropoff location right in Clayton!

Where Are You?

Lizardwebs is now officially located at 4501 New Bern Ave #130, Raleigh, NC 27610. Honestly, we primarily located there to help us out in our OWN search engine stuff. There is no other reason to actually be located there in the big scheme of things. Web and SEO people can be anywhere really – including a nice cushy spot at a Starbucks or someplace like that with a laptop flipped open. That isn’t MY idea of a good time particularly, but just saying.  You’re actually likely to find me at the home office in Clayton most of the time tapping away early and tapping away late.

Historically, Lizardwebs moved into historic downtown Clayton on April 1, 2011. Though we’ve been in business including the Clayton NC area since 1997, this was our first official presence in the Clayton area. We work with home computer clients and small business computer clients around the area – primarily in the Eastern Wake County and Western Johnston County area – but love our new home in Clayton!

Friendly small town atmosphere and good people make Clayton NC a great place for our particular style of friendly and knowledgeable  services. Feel free to sit down and talk with us about whatever your need is – we don’t start running the meter the second you come through the door. We value our long term relationships and see any chance we get to talk to our customers a great opportunity to find out how we can best serve those in our community. Have a quick question? A lot of times, we’re glad to give you a quick answer “on the house.” Feel free to contact us if you have a quick question – when you have a bigger  issue, you’ll know that we’re there for you!

Lizardwebs provides web services for customers nationwide but with a focus in the following North Carolina areas: Raleigh Triangle – Clayton NC, Raleigh NC, Durham, Cary, Smithfield NC; other nearby cities including Rocky Mount/Wilson NC, Fayetteville NC, Wilmington NC, New Bern NC, Greenville NC and  and other local areas.

Lizardwebs does a lot of local websites and works with optimizing them to be as effective as possible in the local areas as mentioned above, but we can provide websites and web services for clients anywhere. We do offer in-house webhosting services on our own private web servers. This gives Lizardwebs the ability to provide a lot of web hosting features that just can’t be found on normal commercial web hosting setups.

If you need Search Engine Optimization / SEO or  web design services, please check out our main site at http://www.lizardwebs.net/ for more information or contact us at 919.404.WEBS (9327).