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Wow, it has been forever since I have posted on here. With a focus on my other web properties – seems if I’m going to spend posting time on something, it’s usually for the client benefit and not my own – my humble little blog here has just fallen into complete disuse.  And we need to change that. I have missed tapping out experiences and general info here.  My blog turned into more of a second marketing website than anything else. Honestly, since I made the turn to all Web and Raleigh SEO, I have been posting everywhere BUT here. That is unfortunate – not because I haven’t been writing, but because the cool stuff that we have (and I have done) over the last few years has not really been documented where I will EVER find it again SMH.

Blog Lags

This does actually sort of touch on what often happens when clients want to start a blog (so here we go with the marketing LOL).  They get all amped up about doing it because they have time on their hands. They often have one particular thing that has touched them for whatever reason and they feel like this is something that they want to do. So we end up setting them up a blog – often as part of the website or customizing it so they can do what they wish on the website blog. They get me/us to talk them through that post process. The actual 300 word post takes days to write – agonizing over each and every word – and finally they get it posted. Or sometimes not. Whatever.  And that whole idea of doing an ongoing blog just dies on the vine – really before it even gets started.

What TO Write About?

In the case of a customer, usually the biggest problem is that they just get overwhelmed with the aspects of writing a blog. It SOUNDS easy enough to just write out a blog, but then they realize that there’s more to it than just doing some random blathering if you actually want it to do something for you. If you’re not much of a communicator to begin with, randomly jotting down 300-500 words (or more) on demand can BE daunting.   For me, it’s not, but I’m not the average person.

On the other hand, Google really respects activity period – so just putting OUT a blog on occasion does wonders for any site. Then the big “BUT” comes in…  BUT if you want people to READ it, share it, and like it? Well then you actually need to have something worth saying – and maybe even have your own sense of style and character.  The standard “Little Brown Handbook” grammar styles and methods of prose are not exactly suitable in a lot of cases.  My 7th grade English teacher would be impressed that I remember the actual text book we used back then…. She, of course, would also likely be equally HORRIFIED to see the style that I use when I DO write these days. It’s not necessarily going to win any A+ grades from any teacher, but it does get my point across. Besides, it’s usually fun to read.

A lot of the stock “articles” that I see out there on different blogs read like that Little Brown Handbook discussion of grammar etiquette and rules. And just about put me to sleep. Be yourself. Or if you’re not real exciting – or you just want to have some fun, then do it as another persona.  Heck if you’re a 50 year old like ME, then be a 20 year old and write from THAT viewpoint – if you can remember it LOL.

What About THIS Blog?

So back to THIS blog. I need to keep sort of a record of all things Lizard-y as we go through our different phases, so I’ll be jotting it down here. I had spread a lot of my own content across other blogs to keep them moving along, but the truth is that they can get forgotten about as time goes along. When they get forgotten, then all my bits of info ALSO get forgotten. I’m bringing it back home – starting today. Occasional blurbs are seen on our Facebook Lizardwebs page and I’ll probably tie everything together so it does get syndicated from here or our main marketing site at…

The Lizardwebs’ Blog is where I don’t necessarily put stuff out for public consumption. I don’t hide much to begin with, but not all of it IS suitable for our main site. People don’t come here to necessarily see marketing stuff. When they’re looking for an SEO company or something, they will end up visiting our main page. So if you’re here, look for the “unvarnished” version of Eric and Lizardwebs.  There’s a lot of stuff that I’d like to share here but just haven’t or don’t on the main page – tests, techniques that I like, even just the occasional jabber about finding good help. Or sending out love to those who I DO use!

Author: Eric Erickson

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