Does your computer do what you want it to?

I normally do my blogging on Sunday, but as I was looking at the vast array of computer equipment on the desk in front of me and around the office, I had  a simple thought:  I think computer people sometimes lose sight of what the computer is all about – it is a tool. It can be used for a number of different purposes. I was actually looking up information on Lynyrd Skynyrd from a concert I went to see last night. That was available quickly and easily – in seconds. Then I got curious about the actual music itself. In another few seconds, I had that as well down to the notes. I could hear the music; I could see the notes being played; I got all the background info on the band. In just a few minutes. WHAT a world we have!

People need the computer though as a tool – not as an end unto itself. The computer, without purpose, is worth nothing. I honestly think I keep a good handle on it when working with customers. I always try to keep an eye on what it is that people want out of their machine. It’s different for all people. Some people want to play games. Some really just browse the internet and send emails. Others need their computers for business and running financial apps. Every one of these uses calls for slightly different computers and configurations.  But MOST IMPORTANTLY, the technology exists to serve a purpose, not for it’s own sake.

Too many times, I think computer people get bogged down in the mechanics of it all. It’s NOT uncommon to see the gurus and geeks get all bent and twisted over this OS or that OS (the perennial Mac fanboy vs. PC fanboy issue) or the speed ratings of this browser vs that browser, or the other minutiae of computing. My 2 cents? Most of it is immaterial. I can do what I want in most cases on ANY OS, any browser, or any machine. Each of the OS systems – Linux, Mac or PC – have their own software and for most needs, there’s a piece of software that will handle it. Sometimes free, sometimes not – but it usually exists nonetheless.

Does the computer do what you want it to do? If it meets your needs, then in most cases, you’re fine. The only caveat to that is when the internals of computers change enough to make your computer more or less unfixable. If you’re still running IDE drives or something, then when your hard drive fails, it’s getting more and more difficult to find these kinds of drives. It is a good indication that it IS time to break down and get a new computer. Or when a web page doesn’t load up properly.

If you’re one of those people who just DON’T update their computer, then it’s probably time to go ahead and do some updating. If you’re still running Windows 98, it’s ALSO time to consider buying a new computer – and you’d be amazed that we still run across people running Win 98. That IS a bit old – and these machines in general will NOT do what you need – nor is there software available out there in most cases for this OS anymore. Even Win 2K is about outdated as much as many people still do use it. In these cases, you need to consider buying a new machine. If you’re running Win 98 or 2K, then the machine likely is NOT strong enough to upgrade to passably run the newer OSes. And I do suggest going to Win7 if you make the move. Vista? Okay, but if you’re buying now, Win 7 is the way to go.

The big point is that the computer is a tool. You don’t need the newest and fastest or flashiest computer to do the job in all but a FEW cases. There are some great computers out there on the market that will do everything you need and not cost you an arm and a leg. Just because you’re not running a quad core processor is NOT a reason to run out and buy a new computer – regardless of what some short-sighted computer person may tell you. If your tools serve your needs (and you can still repair your tool in a reasonable fashion), then you’ve got ALL you need.

If you need an opinion from an experienced and reliable company – call Lizardwebs! We’re only too happy to share the benefit of our knowledge when you’re looking for a new computer. BTW, we don’t really sell computers – so we don’t have any ulterior motive here LOL. We’ll get them for you if you wish, but for the most part, we just try to steer people in the right direction – even so far as to give them the model number they want 🙂

Call us – Lizardwebs Computer Services – where we keep YOUR needs in mind!

Author: Eric Erickson

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