Finally, we are able to start blogging again.

What a mess the old blog software on the Lizardwebs main site was! When I was transferring the old posts to the new WordPress installation, it became apparent that a LOT of the content had gotten lost or some other chaotic thing with the old software with no real ability to control it. It became obvious that there was a real problem about 2 months ago when we could no longer update or add any posts. The software seemed capable of only pulling up the actual FIRST post I had done last year. Not helpful. And also pretty much negated my ability to do any blogging.

Moving to WordPress, and maintaining control over it, necessitated us getting our own server. As many hosts as I have used in the past, there was only one that seemed to actually have their s*it together, provide the tools that a developer needed, have responsive tech support and all the rest. All the others just are lacking one place or the other – or get ridiculously expensive.

The only downside that I actually see in this whole thing is that our new preferred server is actually in Canada. As much as I am a firm believer in the whole “Buy American” thing, this company has proven themselves time after time when I have had issues. And all the “American companies” seem to be off-shoring their support anyway. I’m not against off-shoring but if my fees are paying the wages elsewhere anyway, I may as well be supporting our Canadian cousins – at least I can understand them LOL.  There seems to be great amounts of debate on how that does affect SEO operations. My feeling having hosted in Canada before is “Not that much”. I guess if it is a highly competitive market that you’re working on, you probably need every bit of help you can so even a small hit is not good. But in the case of most of my sites, this is really immaterial.  We’ll keep an eye on it going forward. If we need to move, well, Lizardwebs is nothing if not responsive.

Lizardwebs will now be able to support DotNetNuke (DNN), WordPress, Joomla and of course, our regular hand-coded custom sites from our server with no (or very few) limitations.  I think that we are at this point pretty much ready to go after the past month of setting up this server to give us the best of all worlds for our server.

We are REALLY looking forward to putting this server to the test going forward!

Author: Eric Erickson

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  1. I like UltraHosting and LFC Hosting – though they’re both Canadian companies. There are a lot of companies that look great on their website, but when it comes to putting up or shutting up – you don’t hear a peep out of ’em.

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