Greetings from the new digs!

So many times when setting up an office, you start off with some stuff and start adding – which can lead to a confusing tangled mess of wires going everywhere -and sometimes, nowhere. In this case, however, I think EVERYTHING is already here. I can’t imagine needing to add more stuff in after the fact. Labels on all power cables, network cables, patch cables; good power protection strips bolted down; domain servers and web servers already in place, tagged and identified.  Looks about as nice as equipment with 50+ cables laying around is ever GOING to look!

Definitely starting to feel like “the office” now. It really is amazing how many reference manuals computer people can collect. I definitely like that everything has been setup so that they are all within reach.  There’s always that one little command that is needed about once every 6 months or so that you remember seeing in a certain book somewhere near the middle. When those books are all scattered around, it’s annoying to have to hunt the book down and then find it. With all the things that are usually going on at any given time, by the time the book has been found, I’ve usually completely forgotten why I was originally looking for it – but leave it out as I know there was some reason I was looking for it…  NO LONGER!  I think everything is within arms reach!

I did run across a cache of 2 GB SCSI hard drives from the “good ol’ days” that had been stashed away. SCSI drives were once the rage and I remember at one point having a nice SCSI RAID setup with them.  I think they’re probably a bit past their prime since the USB thumb drive I now use has more storage capacity than ALL those drives.  I’m thinking they’re probably going to be included in my next trip to the recycler 🙂

I also ran across a box from the mid-90’s – about 1995 to be exact – that has been holding computer stuff now for a while. The original box from an old Packard Bell computer preloaded with Win 95. What a god-send Windows 95 was in it’s day. Coming off from the IRQ contests and memory location settings of Win 3.1 was just a joy. Even WITH the “Your computer configuration has changed – it must be rebooted” type messages ad infiniteum. At the time, it felt more like “You have looked at your computer, it must be rebooted.”

The 1995 computer components were listed on the box – among them, the whopping 4 MB of memory, the Pentium 75 processor, and the uber-large, could never fill it up type 540 MB hard drive. Of course when your operating system came in on 14 (if memory serves) floppy drives, 540 MB WAS pretty respectable.  I think I now have around 4 TB of storage here – not including stray drives that are not installed – and I know of another TB drive that is currently not even in place yet.

Going forward, if you want to use someone that has been around long enough to remember the good ol’ days with 15+ years of experience fixing computers (even back to the DOS and Win 3.1 days), then go ahead and contact us!  We’ve been there, done that, and have the old computer boxes to prove it!

Author: Eric Erickson

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