January has come in like a snowstorm

In the last few weeks of 2009, I kept telling myself that 2010 was going to be awesome. And it has been. So fast-paced that I’ve had to pick up some extra help at least on a short term basis. I guess everyone WAS waiting until January 1 to get things done like computer repair, new website projects, and general small business computer repair.

Have fielded just a ton of calls from people who have miscellaneous computer problems. Right now I’ve got several on the bench with computer hardware problems – broken laptop lcd screen display, keys popped off, and bad hard drives. I think Lizardwebs excellent pricing for computer repair has helped turn all of those calls into customers.

On the web side, we have several new sites in the quote process as well. Looking forward to actually working with my new servers on some in-house web site development.  Need to manage to get all the running around from customer to customer down to just a small portion of each day though to accomplish that goal.

Just found a new service for DotNetNuke sites though and that is what prompted the blog entry for Lizardwebs. The fine and friendly folks over at www.dnnmonitor.com have launched a new service specifically for DotNetNuke sites! Whenever I go to one of the DNN sites that I have built, I am always annoyed by the lag time when I hit it. It’s a piece that I should have built myself, but these folks provide the service free. Every few minutes, this service will do a request on the DotNetNuke site which keeps the data live.  DotNetNuke sites have a time out at which point all pages/data just close. The next request that comes in must wait for a recompile for the .NET components before the pages can be served. By doing the occasional request to these sites, it keeps the content all compiled and serving fast.  This has made a HUGE difference for my DNN sites at http://www.thereliefzone.org as well as http://www.northjerseyfsc.org .

Author: Eric Erickson

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