Lizardwebs Changes for the July 1, 2010

Lizardwebs has certainly paid its’ dues in the last decade plus that we’ve been around – and even more so in the last year since we’ve been your full-time go to company for all things computer. We’ve served clients from big to small and everything in between.  We’ve solved, re-solved and solved yet again problems of all varieties on computers ranging from servers to netbooks, on networks, with smartphones and pretty much anyplace a computing type issue can rear up. Recently, on several occassions, we’ve been called in to clean up the mess made by other computer repair companies that charge a whole lot more and and have provided a whole lot less.

During this time, we’ve kept our prices VERY minimal and have proven time and time again our solid abilities in solving your computer problems with minimum of muss and fuss. When your computer gets the Lizardwebs treatement, you DON’T need to call another company to straighten it out. We honor our customers every day by treating every computer as if we were going to be using it ourselves. We feel our standards are some of the highest in the industry.

Our websites have proven themselves to rank highly time after time in search engine results. We’re past the point of needing to do any more sites as promotion or to pad the portfolio. We have outstanding graphics professionals available to provide us top notch designs when needed. As far as search engine results, our sites are ranking highly right out of the box when customers allow us to do our magic. Lizardwebs produces top ranking sites and our customer sites are proof of that every day.

That all being said, after conversations with several current clients, as well as a final conversation with a respected business consultant yesterday, it appears that it is time for Lizardwebs to actually raise pricing to be a bit closer in line with those other similar companies around us. But, of course, keep providing that same superior service and, consequently, superior value to all of our clients.

We’ve avoided doing this for a number of reasons for quite a while as we like being able to provide such high value, yet rein in costs, for our customers. However, due to increases in business, it has been necessary to add staff to handle some of our service calls. And in order to do that, we need to be able to bring qualified individuals on board.

So, in light of all that, Lizardwebs is moving it’s pricing structure immediately to as follows:

  • Onsite service: $90/hr (minimum 1 hr)
  • Flat rate service (virus removal / all problems except hw failures): $185
  • Web services: $75/hr – STILL billed by actual time spent – NOT in half hour increments
  • Diagnostics: $45 – waived if we do the repair
  • Turnkey websites – $495
  • Custom websites – $750 and up

Pricing for all new customers will go into effect immediately. We don’t do this arbitrarily or without a lot of thought. Our pricing will still be very reasonable and well in line with any and all competitors. We figure we need to be around in order to provide you the quick, superior level of service that you have come to expect from Lizardwebs over the last 10+ years for some of our clients.

Existing customers (and here is one bit of great news for existing customers) will still get the current pricing until July 1, 2010. DURING THAT TIME PERIOD, IF YOU WISH TO LOCK IN PRICES BY BUYING A BLOCK OF HOURS, YOU MAY STILL GET THE OLD PRICING! Purchased hours will be good until used. So if you decide to buy 50 hours, even if it takes 2 or more years to use them all, they’ll be there until they’re gone!  Contact Lizardwebs for more info and to purchase blocks today.

There are some groups that DO get discounted prices and those discounts will still be honored. The groups know who they are. And there are occasional coupons floating around and will be more in the future, but this is the new pricing structure for our benefit as well as yours.

We believe that our valued customers will understand the price increase reasons and will move with us as we continue to grow. We look forward to continuing to provide the top-notch service that everyone has come to expect from Lizardwebs.

Author: Eric Erickson

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