I have been using an ASP blogging routine over on for a while now. It got hacked almost immediately with some little script kiddies adding a META REFRESH exploit to one of the posts. And short of wading through 20 or 30 pages of code to try to find the weak code, I just decided to disable a lot of the functionality.  And I’ll be honest, the code wasn’t really written that well. Just didn’t feel like digging through someone else’s issues.

It was nice though being able to pull the blog data right into my webpage, but, alas, the times have changed.  I believe now with a little RSS action, I should be able to happily pull the posts right into the Lizardwebs site. The only thing now is how to import all the old blog stuff that made it so frequently hit.  We’ll have to see how that goes.  But for now,

Welcome to the new Lizardwebs Computer Services blog!

We’re now running on WordPress – and we LIKE it! Lot of great resources, lot of documentation, and frequent updates to keep things secure. Stay tuned to see how we make out with our new WordPress blog!

If you have computer issues in Knightdale, Clayton or the general Raleigh area in North Carolina, please visit our main site, for computer repair or web services.

Author: Eric Erickson

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