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The Parkway Village Family Fun Day at Clayton, NC on November 21, 2009 was a milestone for Lizardwebs. Lizardwebs Computer Services made it’s first appearance at one of these and had it’s own booth!  While this probably doesn’t sound like much, and there ARE a lot of companies that do this regularly, it was a first for Lizardwebs Computer Services!

Lizardwebs Computer Services Parkway Village Computer Recycling  BoothIt was a reasonable day – a little cooler than I would have liked. I didn’t actually get the booth until fairly late in the process so the message of Computer & Computer Equipment Recycling didn’t get out to as many people as I would have hoped. LW did manage to take in a couple of pieces.

More importantly though, LW made some great contacts to get the name out there! I suspect there are at least another good 40 or so people that I spoke to at some length who now know that Lizardwebs does computer repair and web design after this event!  There were some attendees that I didn’t get to talk to, but everyone that I spoke to knows who to call for computer repair the next time their computer goes south!

A couple of appointments were made for some computer repair services and several contacts as far as web design and web development were also created.

However, I really learned a few important things about attending these little events.

  1. Bring your own table – a LIGHT one – preferably folding in the middle.
  2. Make friends with your neighbors quickly – they can be a wealth of information as well as a lot of fun!
  3. Putting up a canopy IS actually a 2 person job.
  4. RTFM BEFORE putting up a canopy. I have since read the f***** manual.  Would have made life a bit easier.
  5. Pretty women selling jewelry and those people with FOOD items have a LOT more traffic than a bespectacled computer geek with no goodies on the table.
  6. A tablecloth is a MUST.

I am thinking that the NEXT event that Lizardwebs attends will HAVE a pretty woman or two WITH popcorn handling the front of the booth.

AND congratulations to Tracy Myatt who won the free Computer Service Giveaway!

Author: Eric Erickson

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