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2009 was a great year for Lizardwebs!  LW kicked up hard in March of 2009 and turned a small part time operation into a full time endeavor – and very successfully I might add!

Lizardwebs started working with existing customers on a more regular basis to help them get stability in their computer systems. Regular “swing by” checks on their computer equipment just to make sure nothing was going awry became the norm for our small business customers in 2009.  Overall, I believe this has worked out well – a lot of issues were prevented or corrected on the spot BEFORE these items turned into real computer problems and caused downtime!  As well, doing this full time has allowed very rapid response to all of our clients. It was not uncommon this year to get a call and be on location to fix computer problems within an hour.

Lizardwebs served a large number of new residential customers this year. The most frequent computer problem? Computer viruses!  And of course, we fix computer viruses! Actually fixing a computer virus is one of the easier things that we do. Lizardwebs has setup new computer equipment for clients, made recommendations to clients, even told clients WHERE to go to get their new equipment down to the model numbers and prices to get the best value, transferred data to new computers, fixed laptops, repaired a BUNCH of hardware issues, installed new operating systems, upgraded computers to the new Windows 7 operating system, etc.

Lizardwebs has made a LOT of customers very happy with the full service computer approach that LW uses for all computer service requests. In essence, we COULD just fix the single problem that prompted the customer to call us – but when the customer goes to use their computer, odds are real good that they won’t be happy with their computer experience. In other words, we can fix the virus – but if we don’t clean up the computer while we’re at it by optimizing the registry, cleaning out trash files, getting rid of unused programs, defragging the drives, making sure the computer has  good antivirus and antispyware software, getting all updates in place, has adequate memory to handle the customer’s needs, etc, the customer likely will just have another problem down the road. While this can be great for OUR business, it ISN’T so great for the customer. And I prefer that Lizardwebs takes the higher road – and gives the customer what they NEED rather than just what they ask for – all at a VERY reasonable price. I’ve checked on my competitors and I KNOW our pricing is reasonable – perhaps a bit TOO reasonable, but I know LW customers are getting extremely good value when they get their computer repairs done with Lizardwebs! AND they get the computer repair done fast – usually within 24 hours!

Lizardwebs developed a number of new clients in 2009 through roadside sign advertising, the Lizardwebs website, good old fashioned door to door introductions, customer referrals, new affiliations with the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce and with the Mothers Unlimited Business Alliance, becoming a dealer with CLEAR Wireless, offering computer recycling services, and of course, plain dumb luck 🙂 Though I have to say with all the things that were specifically done to increase Lizardwebs’ exposure, the plain dumb luck factor figured very minimally into the equation. Overall, I would say that Lizardwebs’ marketing efforts were pretty intense this year. This year, I expect a lot of it to truly pay off in increased customers and more regular customer service calls!

On the web side of Lizardwebs, we churned out a number of new client sites this year – several 501c3 projects, some general eCommerce sites, some general marketing/presence sites, reworked some existing sites. Lizardwebs ran the gamut on the type of sites that were turned out! One in particular is fairly high profile,, in support of the “All Worked Up” series on truTV. LW recently finished a rework of the website. is the last one that was turned out this year. A new 501c3 site was created for the folks at to allow them to get out their message to the community. This site was created with DotNetNuke (DNN) and promises to be a very welcome addition to Lizardwebs’ development platform going forward. Going forward as the first project this year, Lizardwebs will be turning out a new site for a client focused on drug rehab. This promises to be a very exciting project!

For existing clients, we have done a bunch of web maintenance and website SEO work to get the sites to the top of the desired market as far as the search engines are concerned. This kind of site optimization has allowed us to get to know each of these clients more in-depth. In order to get a website to the top, I think it important to know the kind of business that each client does, and then, what makes each client/business special!

We increased website functionality for several of our clients allowing greater website capabilities and services direct from the website for many of our clients. We added several submit forms, newsletter signups, event registrations, feedback forms, etc to various sites. Anything that allows a website visitor to connect with a website owner on the fly is a good thing! We added some heavier functionality for one of our 501c3 sites in particular, the North Jersey Figure Skating Club, to allow registered skaters to retrieve their eligibility  information directly from the website for US Figure Skating events. This was a fun little database oriented programming project!

2009 was a great year, but 2010 is going to be even better!  Thanks to all of you that are clients – and for those that aren’t clients yet, we look forward to working with you in 2010!

Author: Eric Erickson

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