Lizardwebs New Computer Setup Holiday Special

We expect a lot of people will be getting laptop computers or desktop computers for Christmas, so we are offering a flat rate “Setup new computer/Transfer Data from Old Computer” special.

Transfer Old Computer Settings to New Computer

When buying a new computer, the thing that everyone forgets is how you’re going to get all those settings, files, bookmarks, and documents from the old computer to the new computer. Additionally, these computers are usually loaded with a bunch of confusing “Trial Versions” that can be cleaned out. Virus protection is also on a trial basis in hopes you’ll buy it one day. All too often people don’t buy it and forget all about it – then find themselves with a virus because the trial version expired without them realizing it.

Setup New Computer

We’ll setup your new computer including all Microsoft updates, helper applications such as Acrobat Reader and Flash, install free virus protection, install printers, get machine on network if available, install up to 3 major apps for you (MS Office or OpenOffice, Quickbooks, etc), transfer your data as mentioned above to the new computer and generally get you all ready to go!

Special Computer Setup Pricing

Flat rate holiday pricing?  Just $145!
(Valid through Dec 31, 2010 – just mention where you saw it to get the discount)

NOTE: Owner MUST have application install disks available. Applications can NOT be transferred from one computer to another – only the data files. So if you don’t have your MS Office disks or registration/serial number available, you will need to hunt them down. Owner should also know passwords required for things like email setup and other apps. Maximum onsite time is 2 hours.  If additional time is required, customer will be alerted and it will be billed at a reduced holiday rate.

We can recycle your old computer for free if desired as well to get it out of the way. Call for details!

Lizardwebs Computer Services
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Author: Eric Erickson

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