Odds and Ends from the week

Man, there is a LOT going on at Lizardwebs this week!

We lined up 3 different sites this week for varied customers:

  • LizardLickTowing.com – Ron Shirley and his crew from Lizard Lick are going on the show “Repo” on TruTV at the end of September 2009 – and they need a site to really capitalize on it. We’re very excited about this site!
  • Woodall’s Fitness – James Woodall decided it was time for a new look. Developer Dawn came up with some spiffy stuff and we’re looking forward to having a new look over there. The current site has been the same for roughly the last 6(?) years?  See his old site before it goes away – http://www.woodallsfitness.com.
  • TheLogoShopStore.com – Looking at taking a local store online with a very hefty inventory. This will allow us to put up a fairly large eCommerce site through osCommerce. That should prove to be a VERY large undertaking for us!

It looks like Lizardwebs will be setting up shop in Clayton, NC this month! We were presented with a great opportunity to get some office space on Hwy 70 in Clayton, and it seems like it might just be the trick to keep the momentum going for us!  We will be splitting space with Ted Zink Real Estate. Don’t really know what office hours will actually be. Most computer work is actually outside of the office during the day. Who knows?  Maybe people will flock once we hang a shingle.  If it gets me a couple repairs a month it will be worth it!

Lizardwebs has implemented SugarCRM to track clients this past week. It was slated for a move to LFC Hosting – pretty awesome hosting company out of Canada. I’ve run into snags in the setup that I haven’t been able to pin down yet. Set it up a couple times on different servers in-house, but really wanted it on a heavier server. So far, not much luck, but I’m sure I’ll get it figured out soon.

Eric is getting up to speed on osCommerce. At this point, Dawn is the osComm master.  But with a little fiddling, it seems like a light bulb should go on soon. My biggest issue at the moment is getting a module in place to do a direct CSV import for sales.  I’m working on a project for online shoe sales to get into the guts of the application. Probably an hour or so will be sufficient – sad that I can never find quite the time for it 🙁

Eric will be speaking at the Knightdale Chamber of Commerce monthly get together in October. Looking forward to sharing some insight into SEO.  I don’t claim to be the world’s greatest, but my sites seem to do pretty well for their market.  Besides, as I have been doing it for so long, even my average knowledge is going to be a treasure trove to someone that has never thought about those aspects of their website.  Most people really have no idea how their website gets indexed and returned in Google or any of the other search engines.  No huge mystery really, but most people are more interested in doing their OWN business and not having to spend days/weeks/months/years learning the ins and outs of website SEO – or any OTHER thing about computers – that’s why Lizardwebs is here!

It’s been a busy week so far, but we can alway

Author: Eric Erickson

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