This is going to be a week…

Lizardwebs is moving to larger digs – and with it brings the promise of a bigger lab area!  The one single room that two of us have been operating from has gotten just too crowded. There are other benes and reasons for the move, but am certainly jazzed about putting the computer lab in it’s OWN area.

Will be nice to be able to crack open multiple machines at one time, lay out all the parts neat and orderly and all that. As well, won’t necessarily need to see it all from my desk.

Lizardwebs made the rounds at the Clayton Strawberry Festival this past weekend. We were there with the MUBA group and did manage to get a little Lizard time to go speak to some of the exhibitors. As fate would have it, we will get a chance to bid on website from one company and had a chance to speak to another customer that is moving towards an eComm site to sell some of her products.  So we have that gearing up – and already have 3 other sites we’re working on right now!  Need to get some of these done and out the door!

Look for our next post-move post from the new digs!

Author: Eric Erickson

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