Used Computer Servers

Looking for some inexpensive computer equipment? Lizardwebs doesn’t really focus on selling computer equipment, but we occasionally have some used computer equipment that we’ve got available for purchase!

Used Computer Servers

Dell PowerEdge Server 2650

Dell PowerEdge Server 2650 - Used Units for Sale

Lizardwebs Clayton Computer Services currently has a stock of Dell 2650 2U Rack Servers(about 20 or so). These are designed for rack usage (as you’d guess) but can be used as standalone machines. All equipment has been powered on and tested – hardware is fully guaranteed for 90 days. Bare servers start at $250 – AND we give discounts if you need more than one server. Call for OS-installed server pricing based on your actual needs to get the BEST PRICE!

General Specs (Bare Servers):

  • Dual Core Xeon Processors from 1.066 GHz to 3.06 GHz
  • 6 GB ECC RAM
  • Min 1 -37 GB Ultra320 drive (ask us if you need more space)
    • 5 Drive bays with RAID
  • External SCSI / Fiber Channel
  • Combo DVD/Floppy drive
  • Gigabit NIC
  • Front keyboard, video and monitor ports (as well as rear)
  • NO Operating System (Want to roll your own Linux server?)
  • More info: Dell 2650 Server Specs (PDF)
  • Includes Rails for rack mount and KVM cable!
  • Does not include keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc.

Not sure if you need or want a server? Read more about Why Do I Want a Server?

Operating Systems

The bare servers are as you’d expect – bare – no operating system. They are perfect for a small company or developer that would like to roll their own Linux server setup or cluster. If you already have appropriate Windows Server licensing, then these are great.

If you need something that includes a Server Operating system, we also have Microsoft Enterprise Server 2003 licenses with 5-25 user Client Access Licenses (CALs). For a little bit more, we’ll do the install for you (either Windows or Linux) and make sure things are up and running for you! You can just swing in, we’ll give you the appropriate admin passwords and send you on your way to plug in your new server and be up and running in just a few minutes.

Onsite Server Setup and Installation

If you’d prefer, we’d be happy to do an onsite installation for you on an hourly basis. We’ll setup your server, bring it onsite for you, get it setup in your environment and make sure everything is working properly – guaranteed!

Author: Eric Erickson

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