Why do I want a server?

Dell PowerEdge Server 2650

Dell PowerEdge Server 2650 - Used Units for Sale

Servers are used to provide general computer / user security, file sharing, application sharing, printer sharing, remote access capabilities, DNS servers, DHCP servers, Web servers and more.

The most common setup scenario is that of the domain-based server office setup. A domain-based server setup scenario allows an administrator to assign certain rights/access privileges to different users based on their roles. For example, a business owner may have access to everything in an environment such as accounting information, company corporate information and other sensitive information. A general office worker may only be allowed access to a shared file area that contains something like client quote information and nothing more. Domain-based server setups can provide far more data security for a company than general file sharing between workgroup computers.

If you wish to connect desktops to your server environment and create a true domain-based computer network, to get the most out of this kind of setup, the desktops need to be running a Pro version of Windows such as Windows XP Pro, Vista Business (or Ultimate), or Windows 7 Business or Ultimate. Windows Home Premium versions (commonly found on machines that users get from retail stores) do NOT support all the features/benefits available on this kind of network.

At Lizardwebs, we use a domain-based setup as it simplifies file-sharing between users, controls file access and more. We also use our in-house setups for DHCP and DNS servers allowing us better control of our internal network.

Bearing in mind we are a web development company in Clayton NC, we also use our servers for development web servers. We run both IIS for Microsoft based development and Apache web server for our beloved WordPress platform.

For the most part we use these servers as virtual servers – another great usage for your server. Run SEVERAL servers on ONE physical server!

If you would like more information on why a server might benefit you or how you might improve your business environment with an in-house server, contact Lizardwebs Clayton Computer Repair. Every situation is a little different but we’ll be glad to sit down with you and let you know if it’s going to be something that would benefit you or something that you just don’t need. We keep it simple and honest – just the way you expect from your local computer repair company in Downtown Clayton NC!

Author: Eric Erickson

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