Installing New Computers

We are installing some new computers for our friends over at BodyLase of Raleigh today. We are going to replace an old computer that has just seen better days and installing a completely new computer in a new location.

Installing computers, particularly replacements, is always a challenge. Setting up a new computer is usually just not that bad – it’s really just a matter of removing all the garbage that gets installed on new computers by the manufacturer. Trial versions of so many things are nothing more than pain. New users usually will enable things only to discover that a few weeks down the road, they either have to pay or have the software disabled – and that can frequently cause issues.

Trial antivirus applications are the worst. Many times we find people that think they have antivirus software installed only to discover that while they do, their trial version expired months or even years ago. And then it provides absolutely no virus protection.  We usually discover these folks… well, about the time they get a nasty computer virus.

Replacing a computer can get real ugly when it comes to transferring data from the old computers. Many times people don’t have any idea how to best manage their data – documents, pictures, etc. We will find their data scattered all over the hard drive which makes it real difficult to get everything over to the new computer. And when we do, many times the customer goes back to look for their data in the former old location. For example, c:mybackupstuffoldnew folderpictures, or something equally confusing.  We try to give them some sort of structure, such as putting their pictures in “My Pictures” in a proper folder, but it usually DOES take some getting used to for them.

Lizardwebs does it’s best to provide knowledge to our customers whenever we work with their computers to understand their computer systems better. So today, we will be spending some quality time with our customers to show them the features that will make their lives easier, hopefully understanding better how to get the most out of their computer, and still not make their eyes glaze over.

And THAT is a challenge.

Author: Eric Erickson

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