A Computer Geek Halloween

I was going by one of those fear farm type places that seem to be everywhere this time of year (if you don’t live in the city).  I got thinking about the buckets of peeled grapes (eyeballs supposedly) that kids would be putting their hands in, the dressed up halloween lovers trying to scare the bejeebers out of unexpecting guests, the weird sounds… Yes, horror at it’s finest.  Except for a computer geek.  I have compiled my top several scary computer things for the Halloween season…

A customer says, “I just went in and edited the registry… and now all I get are these blue screens.”  Oh my.

Looking at a customer’s computer warning popup, “Your antivirus subscription expired on Mar 11, 2009.” SCARY!

You’ve just returned a customer computer and plugged the dozen or so USB cables in and restarted it… “Windows is installing new hardware” – client clicks “CANCEL”.  The customer does this at least 5 times in rapid succession before you believe she is doing it and you can stop her.  And then follows up with the statement, “I can’t print.”  Ewwwwwwwwwww. Gross.

“It said I was out of disk space, so I just went in and deleted some folders.” Eeeek.

“You dropped your laptop? Can we take a look at it?”  You are handed a box of – pieces. The biggest recognizable piece seems to be a hard drive – with a tire iron through it. “Can we have it done by 2 pm???”  “Umm. No.”  SHRIEK!

“The computer says it has wireless networking. But I can’t get the internet.” “Mmm.. do you have a wireless router?” “What’s that?” (Sam Kinnison type scream) Frightening!!!

“Ma’am, do you USE all 12 of these toolbars?” Stomach churning…

“You spilled soda in your laptop computer. Just a little you say?” A large puddle of Sunkist orange soda is still under the laptop from 2 days ago and more drains out on your shoes when you pick it up.  The horror.

THESE are the truly horrifying things to computer geeks and computer gurus. If this sounds like you in here, never fear, we won’t laugh at you, though we may quietly wince.  For all things computer, contact Lizardwebs http://www.lizardwebs.net/

Happy Halloween!

Author: Eric Erickson

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