Stupid Outlook! Won’t open up the URL when I click on it!

I’ve been setting up a new computer for the last week or so.  This kind of thing is never a quick thing.  And it’s held up when there are idiotic little issues popping up.  Here’s the latest snappy fix.  Every time I click on some URL in my Outlook 2007, instead of quickly opening up Firefox, I get a

General failure. The URL was: …. An error occurred in sending the command to the application.

Thanks to the forum – apparently this has been an issue since Firefox 3.x – I found working solution at least for me…

This quick registry edit fixed it for me.

(Note: These instructions apply to Windows Vista and 7 only.)

1. Click Start, type regedit, and then press Enter.

2. Navigate to the following entry: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\FirefoxURL\shell\open\ddeexec

3. In the center pane, double-click the Default entry, then remove whatever value is there (it’ll probably be a weird string of numbers and commas).

4. Click OK, then exit Regedit.

5. If Outlook and/or Firefox are open, close them, then restart them.


Author: Eric Erickson

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