CuteFTP – Editor cursor not right – SOLUTION!!!!

Sweeeeeet - back to being able to use the Editor in CuteFTP 9!

Sweeeeeet – back to being able to use the Editor in CuteFTP 9!

So every time I went into the CuteFTP 9.0 editor – which I love (except for this problem) – the cursor seemed to continually be off by about 8 places on occasion.  I’d click to make an edit to a CSS file which is what I use it for the most.  The cursor instead of landing where the mouse actually was would be several places to the left.  Drove me nuts. Been living with it for two months or so – just hadn’t taken the time to look up the solution.

Here’s the solution straight from the fine folks at Globalscape

Cannot accurately place cursor in HTML editor


  • CuteFTP, version 9


Cannot accurately place cursor in HTML Editor


Change the HTML editor font to a different font, such as Courier.

To change the default HTML editor font

  1. Open the Global Options dialog box (ALT+F7).
  2. Expand the Helper Applications node, then click HTML Editor.
  3. Click Choose font for editor.
  4. In th Font list, click Courier, and then click OK.

It would be nice if this would work with the “prettier” variable size fonts, but honestly, I can live with this solution.  I’m an old coder and am real comfy with those fixed size fonts.  At least it’s not a green screen LOL.

Author: Eric Erickson

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I actually contacted Support and they couldn’t give me a solution. It was driving me crazy.

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