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Find a Twitter ID

Find Facebook ID

To make it easy for myself and everyone in the future, here is the URL needed to find your Facebook Page ID.

Simple copy and paste the URL and replace “username” with your Facebook page username. You will then get a detailed simple view of all the information associated with your Facebook Page account.

Thanks to Ravenous Raven Web Design for the Facebook ID thing that doesn’t include contorted methods of trying to upload a pic and all that – particularly since Facebook changed their format…


Author: Eric Erickson

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  1. Thanks Eric! Finding a facebook ID seems to be a very annoying requirement for most developers and page owners.

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    • Glad it came in handy – I go to this page with some frequency myself! Put it here so I knew I would be able to find it again without sifting through a bunch of pages LOL. Thanks for visiting Heather!

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