I have met the enemy and he is me – and my posts on Facebook

Actually not my posts but many OTHER people’s posts. I try to stay very aware of what I post publicly.  I usually refrain from the “I was so drunk…” posts – well, if I *had* time to actually drink these days, they may take a more visible position in my Facebook pages, but generally, Facebook is the world’s window on you – don’t forget it.

I was on the Google Webmaster Forums earlier today doing some research on the spidering of Facebook content by Google. What was the absolute most frequently posted thing?  “There is a post that was on my Facebook account that I removed, but it still shows up in Google. How do I remove it?”  Or roughly the same thing about a likely embarrassing photo that was removed but still shows up in Google.

For those that hit this page and actually NEED the info on removing your embarrassing or otherwise questionable post from Facebook,  besides feeling some amount of pity for you, you poor dolt,  here is the link you need:


Post after post about removing stuff from Google that HAD been posted on Facebook. Sad.

Author: Eric Erickson

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  1. If you got here from a Tweet from Ron over at LizardLickTowin – my sincerest apologies. I was working on his account settings earlier today and apparently still had a window open and I saw the name “lizardlicktowin”, and NOT “lizardwebs” as the active account at (naturally) the EXACT same time as I pushed the confirm button.

    I guess I have met the enemy and he is me, but it’s not facebook – just fast clicks 🙁

    Sorry again. (It IS a useful post though – DO watch what you put on FB!)

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