So how DO you post to Facebook and Twitter…

Effortlessly and painlessly?  SCADS of ways – but I just tried this one out in anticipation of having some seriously bigger needs than my current methods in about… mmm… 5 days… Love HootSuite, but – if you ain’t busy growin’, yer busy dyin’.  So, checked out this app.  NetworkedBlogs via Facebook to see what it might be able to provide for me/us for our clients going forward.

Tried the WPMU-Dev Ultimate Facebook earlier – since I pay through the nose for that subscription I want to get whatEVER I possibly can out of it.  WPMU DEV has some great stuff, but it’s not cheap. Unless you’re a dev or running a busy (and money-producing) site – you might want to search for cheaper alternatives.  Costs too much for just a hobby type blog.  Pain in the NECK to setup – I suspect it has more to do with Facebooks continual changes to their application. Honestly, do they NOT listen to the howls every time they change something?

Check out for MORE info on this great app!
And if you need some info on setup, (a little outdated, but HIGHLY usable) –

Author: JG

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