Prevent Computer Viruses

We repair a lot of computer viruses in our computer repair shop in Clayton NC. The one thing that seems to remain consistent is how they are infected. If we know it’s a teenager’s infected computer, we can almost always look in their computer and find BearShare, Kazaa, Limewire or some other file sharing program. Subsequently, we can usually scan the music directory of the infected computer – and voila, there’s an infected song file (or dozens).

While an MP3 file should actually NOT be able to infect a computer as it’s a data file and NOT an executable, it’s indicative that questionable files are being downloaded to a computer. ALSO it’s indicative that questionable websites are probably being visited. It is highly possible, unfortunately, for simple visitors to rogue websites to become infected. And you probably won’t even realize that a website is pushing down viruses to your computer until it’s too late.

What can you do to protect your (or your kid’s) computer from viruses?

  • Don’t visit illegal software or music sites (THAT’S a no-brainer)
  • Do NOT get files from sources that you don’t know.
  • If it’s from – it’s probably going to be safe, however, if it’s from a Russian MP3 song sharing site – I really wouldn’t hold my breath on it.
  • Do NOT run .exe files from unknown sources (similar to above). Exe (or “executable”) files are the one that really have the potential to whack your computer.
    • Enable showing file extensions on your computer. Windows hides them by default for some ridiculous reason. People will inadvertently click on something that they think is an MP3 file but discover that the file is actually “somesong.mp3.exe” – and Windows will graciously HIDE the “.exe” part for you.
  • Keep an antivirus solution RUNNING on your computer. We recommend Avast for free and good quality antivirus protection.  Make sure it stays updated!! Scan weekly manually if you can’t set your program to automatically scan. If you have a laptop and you set it to auto-scan at 3 am – and it’s shutdown at 3 am, you’ll need to manually scan.  AND make sure it doesn’t go into “hibernate” in the middle of virus scanning!
  • Pay attention to what your computer NORMALLY does – the sounds it makes, the toolbars in your browser, what programs open up when you start it… If it starts doing something OUT of the ordinary –  take notice AND action!  Did YOU make those changes that would cause this or did something ELSE make those changes?  If in doubt,  make notes, do a virus scan and/or contact a computer repair company (like Lizardwebs). Computer infections do NOT improve over time – it WILL get worse to the point where it may cost you big bucks to get rid of it and get the computer repair done.
  • If it looks like the computer has completely gone south on you – call Lizardwebs Computer Repair at 919.404.9327 for onsite computer repair or drop it off at our shop at 115 E 1st St in Clayton, NC for fast and trusted computer repairs!

    Author: Eric Erickson

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