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Lizardwebs get a lot of requests from customers all the time for advice or suggestions on their computer needs. Since we work with so many families with children, one of the most common is about how to let the young kids use the computer, and feel all grown up, but keep it safe for them AND the parents.

KidZui - protect kids on internet and protect your computer

KidZui - protect kids on internet and protect your computer

Protect Your Kids AND Your Computer

KidZui Browser and Plugin –

I tested this out as a Firefox plugin and was immediately impressed with the number of things that kids could do for free. It’s also available as a standalone browser. We see so many computers clogged up with garbage trying to find some free games for the kids to play that this is a great way to find those games without the risk of dubious sites getting into your computer. Besides games, kids can watch videos, search for news (age appropriate based on the child’s birth date) and many other things.

Safe Activities for Kids 3-12

The KidZui app is suitable for kids age 3-12. All sites are checked by both parents and teachers before being available on KidZui.  One of the features that we really like is the ability to keep the kids from getting to computer files. We’ve gotten a bunch of calls where the kids have managed to delete something important on their parent’s computer. The KidZui browser or app prevent kids from leaving the browser without a parent logging them out of the screen. With no access to anything other than approved sites on the broswer, there is NO possibility of losing your important personal or system files.

Register and Unlock most features for free!

You will need to register though to do things like lock the browser so kids can’t exit (and get to the main computer) without a parent entering a password, customize the KidZui app specifically for your child, etc – but again, it is free!  There is a premium upgrade available to allow more functionality but it is not required to use the app – and basic app is a pretty good thing by itself!

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Author: Eric Erickson

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