GoDaddy cPanel Emails Not Working

GoDaddy cPanel Settings NOT WORKING!

GoDaddy cPanel Settings – Email NOT WORKING!

Okay, I’ve had this issue before and I couldn’t remember what I did to fix it.  So let’s roll back a bit. How did I get here?

I just picked up a new domain at GoDaddy.  I added it to my cPanel hosting.  If you have NOT tried it, this is a hella step up from the crap that was their Linux hosting package.  SOOOO confusing and annoying to use.  Setting up a website was just unbelievable.  I could tell it to create a mySQL database, go get lunch and it still wouldn’t be done by the time I got back.  A few months ago, someone asked me about putting up a site for them on GoDaddy and I hopped in and discovered that they had the new cPanel hosting- w00t.

GoDaddy and cPanel

Kudos GoDaddy for using a familiar and TRUSTED management tool and not that homegrown monstrosity you’ve been masquerading for the last several years at least as a website management tool.

Signed up for it for the customer and sure enough, it was good old cPanel for the most part.  I’m sure there’s some stuff slightly modified, but generally cPanel.  Now, Gd being Gd, they try to make everything integrate.  So you can setup a domain for which GoDaddy is the registrar quickly and easily by selecting the domain in setup – and supposedly it will make all the proper modifications to your DNS settings, right? Wrong.  Apparently there are ongoing issues with the process according to the help desk.  It frequently fouls up.

Knowing what you don’t know

The downside here is that for every hosting company I use, they have their own weird setup idiosyncrasies.  Being unfamiliar with the GoDaddy ones, I had no clue.  Well, long story short… The email addresses did not work properly. Sending emails to them resulted in being refused because of unknown users.  DNS apparently is problematic for the GoDaddy scripts.  HEre is the conversation with the tech as to how to fix it on my own the next time – actually what to look for.  This DOES make sense, but the original email settings were pointing to or something along those lines which actually ARE GoDaddy email servers and they made complete sense.  Like I say, “idiosyncrasies”.

Straight from the HelpDesk – Email settings

Leigh –
2 things: MX Records and CNAME record. The MX records for any domain using cPanel e-mail need to be: Priority 0     @
Leigh –
And that’s it. Only 1 record.
Leigh –
The CNAME record you need to look out for is the “mail” record.
Leigh –
Instead of pointing to, it must point to “@”


You do not need the smtp, pop, imap entries – and there was one more, I’ll wait until the next foul up and jot it in. I just deleted them on my setups to avoid any issues further down the road.  Just note that you can use the setting for anything that is needed.

Author: Eric Erickson

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