Downtown Clayton Christmas Tree Lighting

Great time at the Downtown Clayton NC Christmas Tree lighting last night!  There were a ton of people floating around Main Street in Downtown Clayton NC last night – guessing it had to be in the 1000+ range.  I’m sure the news will have some sort of estimate – and probably in the several thousand range.  I was just busy huddling to stay warm while walking around with my lady Kristty from Clayton Hair Salon.

A solid majority of the downtown Clayton businesses had some sort of booth or open house thing going on. A lot were giving away or selling hot chocolate, cider, coffee – some had some food.  Great fudge over in front of Clayton Steakhouse from Betsy Grannis.

Missed the bell choir, but did hear several groups singing. We were treated to, I am thinking, the Clayton High School band. As a band member back a decade or three, I remember how darn cold it could get on those Christmas events at night.  They sounded good – probably despite not being able to feel their fingers.

Miss Brenda of the Historic Wagner House getting the "Best Overall" award

Miss Brenda of the Historic Wagner House getting the "Best Overall" award - crappy pic though - thanks Moto Droid - SOOO time for a new phone.

Enjoyed some awesome food over at the historic Wagner House which was decorated like a winter wonderland. The place is so beautiful – definitely a must see if you’re in the area.  Brenda Avent served a reservation only dinner to guests last night. Incredibly great prime rib, stuffed chicken and more.  Really enjoyed it Miss Brenda – thank you!  And also congratulations on winning the “Best Overall” award for the beautiful decorations last night!

Also enjoyed some cheese ball and misc baked goods goodness over with Sherry at Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes – good stuff sis!

And to Rich Trumper, my favorite NC Public Adjuster, who was busy working – you should have been here!

Author: Eric Erickson

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  1. Oh and did Lizardwebs do anything? Heck no – we don’t have ANY room to do squat in our rapidly-being-outgrown office… though we are going to pick up a wreath from Billy and Jimmy over at Flowers by the Neuse today. Gratz to them too as they also won last night for “Most Creative” decorations!

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