Clayton NC Earthquake?

Was it just our house or was there just an earthquake tremor in Clayton NC at about 1:50 pm? Was sitting there after lunch and the house started rocking back and forth for about 10 seconds. Thought it was a wind gust initially… However along those lines, more immediate thought was, if this is what a good gust could do, what are we going to be feeling when Hurricane Irene comes ashore in a few days??? It was after that particular thought I realized that there WAS no wind.

Dawn Black of My Girlfriend’s Day Spa came out and announced that she thought Clayton had just had an earthquake. And I think we MAY have had an earthquake…

The neighbors came out to see if anything was happening and I know they felt it – they had the same puzzled look on their face that we all did. Well, everyone take heart, Hair by Kristty,Sherry’s Signature Cheesecakes, My Girlfriend’s Place, Massages by Sharita, AND Lizardwebs Computer Services are ALL still standing and open for business in sunny downtown Clayton NC! We ain’t scared of no earthquakes – at least here in downtown Clayton NC…

UPDATE: It appears that the earthquake was outside of Charlottesville VA and was a 5.9 on the US Geological website. We sure hope everyone is okay – a 5.9 earthquake is nothing to sneeze at.

Author: Eric Erickson

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  1. if so i just had it happen in reidsville nc, 2:02pm- house shook, tremors brought the china cabnit door open, i thought all my glass decor was coming down, wow!!!

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    • It was something! Never felt an earthquake before. I can only imagine what a full-blown earthquake would feel like. I was thinking “wonder when this is going to stop…” – but buildings weren’t falling or anything. Really hope nothing fell up in VA!

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  2. It was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake originating in Virginia. Felt it in Wilmington, NC too.

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