Lizardwebs SEO Campaigns

Lizardwebs’ main service these days is SEO. What is SEO you ask? If you don’t know then your website is probably not integral to your operation – which is increasingly unusual these days. SEO is simply making sure your site / sites show up strong when people search for your services or products. While anyone that knows your company name should be able to find you quickly, most people who don’t already know a company will search directly for the service itself. For example “hvac companies raleigh nc” would be a pretty standard type search to make when you’re looking for someone/some company to fix your AC unit. If you have an HVAC company in Raleigh, THAT is the kind of search you want to be found up at the top for.

SEO Services

  • Organic Search Engine Optimization – See Lizardwebs Raleigh SEO
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Instagram)
  • Blog postings
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Reviews

SEO can make or break a small business

Let’s say you have a small out of the way location that does NOT have a huge amount of traffic. Or at least not a huge amount of traffic that is going to benefit YOU.  Cars whizzing by all day, but no one sees your shop/business. Or maybe you’re in a small town outside of the Raleigh area for example – but if you had Raleigh people finding you, you might be able to rock some SERIOUS business. We know such a business 🙂  While this company is found in Clayton, they rank pretty darned well for Raleigh cheesecakes! They rank for a lot of other things. Honestly though, I had serious doubts whether a company in Clayton NC could make it on just cheesecakes. They have prospered for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is because they have AWESOME cheesecake. In addition though, we made sure they could be found for Clayton as well as Raleigh. That in itself brought a lot of inquiries as well as commercial traffic to them.

I can tell you, people from Australia would NOT be calling them to order cheesecake if they did NOT have an awesome presence on the web. They might have been just another little company that has a few customers each day.