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Air Comfort Concepts Raleigh Air Conditioning

Air Comfort Concepts Raleigh Air Conditioning

Jimmy and Shelley at Air Comfort Concepts have been long term clients with their Zebulon Air conditioning service company.  We did their website several years ago and it really hadn’t been updated in several years – really since we did it.  And they decided it was time for a makeover and redo on the site.  It took us a while, but we finally got it out.

Within just a couple of days (actually we were seeing results in about an hour), they had moved up in the search engine results pages (SERPs) with the new pages with the SEO optimized tags, headers, titles and solidy built SEO factors all in place.  Solid content is a big part of getting the rankings – knowing what to put where. When it comes down to the Raleigh air conditioning market, it’s very competitive – so we knew to get a company to the top of the heap for air conditioning in Raleigh, we were going to need to go the extra mile. We’re still working on the campaign, but we expect great things from this site!

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Author: Eric Erickson

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