Internet Acting Wonky?

Internet Health Report

Internet Health Report

I know there were problems going on yesterday with the internet. Assistant Victoria Polischak complained of nasty lags and all that. I personally wasn’t seeing anything atrocious though I DO believe that there is a new WordPress bot attack gearing up. I saw a slew of new “Large number of failed login attempts”. We use WordFence to keep most of this crap at bay, but bots still end up sucking up a LOT of resources just denying the request. I think Victoria was looking something up and indicated that she was seeing figures that about 70% of internet traffic is nothing more than bot activity. That’s frickin’ sad.

Anyway, want to see what’s going on with the internet at large?

I also happened to speak to the folks over at ix Webhosting about the general bot activity. They also noticed it. I jokingly said something about, “Yeah, waiting to get my notice from you guys that my sites have been shut down because of high usage (due to bots).” The tech sort of chuckled and said something about their people having noticed it and already proactively writing a script to keep them off the WordPress sites.

And then got the


I'm sorry to inform you that we had to block your account due to continuous overload issues. Your consumption of CPU resources:

Yeah, I love some bots. Also have to admit that I’m getting sick of these bs notices from ixWebhosting. I love their services, but either this service is vastly underpowered for my needs or they need to lay off. I think it may be time to get some eggs out of this basket.

Author: Eric Erickson

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