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The most effective and known internet market techniques are the SEO, commonly known as Search Engine Optimization. This is basically used by the webmasters for increasing the popularity by showing the actual results. To achieve success and gain traffic towards the website this task is followed and very important also. For reaching the target, lot of effort is required without struggle nothing can be obtained. So maintain the same effort and time until you reach your goal. People who are not on this track may feel unhappy by seeing the search results they receive. So, knowledge about the work and skills are very important for a person. The right solution for this is utilising the SEO techniques and you can run towards the digital marketing. Though there are many advantages in this technique, there are also few disadvantages. So know the pros and cons of them


•          The first benefit of SEO is it improves the ranking of a website. It checks for the genuine concepts and rate the site.

•          It gives perfect brand awareness. As the ranking allows you to move on the top of the list in the page results. So by this more visitors visit your website and create awareness of the company.

•          Almost all the viewer’s opt for organic results, so 80 percent of the traffic can be increased because of this procedure.

•          It mainly targets the audience by giving the specified keywords. Users who need the information type and get the relevant content.

•          It is a cost effective process. The marketer need not pay a single penny to the search engine. So this is entirely different when compared with the paid listings.


•          One should have prior knowledge on search engine indexes. The position of the website can be decided by the constant change in the algorithm. This will change the rankings of the site or blog.

•          Constant monitoring is very important. Special knowledge is required to make your website pages available.

•          There are few procedures like the black hat and white hat. Though by using the black hat procedure you may attain fast results but the main drawback here is by implementing this it is said that the website will be deleted or spammed from the search engine.

•          It gives separate ratings for the web pages. This may be entirely different with the source and the web page. So always try gaining good ratings.

•          So never make the advantages as disadvantages. Utilise them properly by knowing the tactics to solve them.

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