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Actual search engine results pages (SERP) can be so fickle

SEO itself can be so fickle… You setup what you think is going to just rock the world and then you find yourself…nowhere. Ugh. Really, it does all come back down to basics. I think I’ll actually end up doing a series on SEO points – not that it isn’t done elsewhere on a daily basis by many writers, but what the heck. Might as well get the Lizardwebs version out there somewhere.

Real world SEO results

We just launched our most recent site,, a couple of weeks ago. And I expected it to do pretty well – there are several sites out there that do rank well, but I had a feeling, based on research of course, that they were missing a lot of valuable SEO elements. And they were.

So we put up the site. We love WordPress if you hadn’t gathered. So WordPress itself does a lot of great things in the SEO area without really having to lift a finger. We just LOVE that part of it. With a few plugins, you can really optimize things to your liking – and to the liking of the search engines. Off we go…

We were spidered the same day as launch. The site was submitted to several social bookmarking sites, popped onto a known Twitter account, sitemaps submitted via WordPress, and also submitted manually. We had 22 bots on the site within about 20 minutes. Nice. It really did appear that the thing that drove them the quickest was the tweet from a known account. At least the twitter bot was the first one on the scene.

We posted several days in a row and added content. This brought the bots back time and time again. In about 2 days, we were on Yahoo and Bing, but NOT on Google. And of course, Google is the gorilla on the block. If you’re not showing up on the SERP for Google, you’re really not there. It took about a week or so to even show up on Google, but we were only showing a couple pages on a “” search. What they heck?

Did I forget something SEO related? Violated some Google policy? What the heck? Let’s check. Sure enough, failed to submit the sitemap directly to Google Webmaster Tools. I’m sure Google would eventually find everything, but perhaps that was it. Submitted it and crossed my fingers. A couple of days later, there we were. Front page as I had actually expected. But now we weren’t doing well on Yahoo and Bing for the same terms. Still haven’t solved that problem. But there’s always that shakeout period on all the search engines I think. So I’m not really sweating that one at the moment.

The whole SEO and ranking process is honestly all rather mystifying at times and still causes me to scratch my head at times. But I have become accustomed to the cycle and how it works. Would love to actually see what kinds of things ARE taken into account in ranking these sites. Actually would be most interested in the differences between the big three search engines. There’s the obvious stuff that they all would expectedly take into account of course, but there has to be a lot more to it than that or all results would be identical. Overall I think that with good naming practices, good SEO content and general persistence, one can eventually get good rankings everywhere.

Would be nice though if things just didn’t take days and sometimes weeks to get in the system and cause me to sit here for days on end waiting with bated breath to see how it ends up.

Look for the Lizardwebs SEO series soon!
And if you’re in the Clayton NC or Raleigh NC area in general and would like a good-ranking SEO friendly website, we’re the company!

Author: Eric Erickson

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