The New Google Analytics Interface

Seriously, am I the only one that thinks this interface just blows?  I had to go to the help file just to figure out how to get rid of a property that I no longer want to track.  It’s honestly given me a headache.  Perhaps the eggheads up at Google think this is just the sh*t, but for someone that just needs quick reliable information without having to use a cheat sheet every time I want to do something, this is NOT the sh*t.

So for my own sanity, since 2 minutes later, I couldn’t actually remember how I managed to delete that stupid profile, here are the instructions (read “cheat sheet”) for actually using the “new and improved” interface to delete a property. Seriously when things work well, why did they feel the need to screw with it?  This interface honestly gives me nothing but headaches.  I guess I should spend a day with a notebook and nothing else to do and jot down everything that I run across for later reference.  I don’t delete many profiles, but for crying out loud, simple usability indicators MIGHT just show this to be sort of a high level function. Anyone else agree?

Deleting a Google Analytics Property/Profile

  1. Go to the account you want to delete
  2. Click on the “Admin” button on the top right
  3. Go to the main page next to +New Profile
  4. “Profile Settings”
  5. Way down bottom right – “Delete this profile”

Seriously, should this NOT be something at the top of the food chain here?

Author: JG

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  1. Hi, Eric. No, you are not the only one who thinks the new interface blows!

    I just wrote an article on it myself, to be able to tell the difference between Account, Property, and Profile. Thank God, now I understand they mean: Access Group, Website, and (largely unnecessary layer that you can pretty much ignore, unless you are doing something fancy).

    My post here:

    I make some simple suggestions about how they could improve it.

    Bottom line: Nobody made the geeks simplify the interface for the average user.

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    • Here is the crazy-making thing, also:

      I did a long search on “how to delete a WEB PROPERTY [as opposed to a profile within a web property], and found yours, and a few other posts explaining how to delete the actual web property (i.e.—website).

      All I need to know is: Once you delete the last Profile from a Web Property, it goes away.


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