Locked out of InfiniteWP – IP Change

Ouch.  So the Time Warner guy was here yesterday.  After three weeks of bouncing modem router type fun, finally got disgusted with it.  It had become obvious that their network was just not THAT bad and it was obviously a hardware problem here.

Other problems that you may be searching for – can’t access InfiniteWP, InfiniteWP lockout. There’s probably a few others, but hopefully if someone is IN crisis mode, much as I was the first time I went through this – talk about sweating bullets – they will find this and realize that it is NOT a system ending problem.

modify-infinitewp-phpmyadminSo my router got changed, and with that also came a new IP.  This new IP address presents just a few issues.  None for general browsing thank goodness, but being a bit skitzy after all the internet attacks I see on a daily basis, I try to be proactive on protecting my websites.  Maybe not all of them as it can get over the top to the point where you have major issues.

In THIS case it’s my installation of InfiniteWP – and it’s locked down by IP to keep out not just full-fledged attacks, but even the casual script bot looking to get into something. So when that IP change happened, that denied me access to my own application.

The actual solution is buried down in a forum somewhere, but it is not easy to find. 

Here’s your solution:

You WILL need access to phpMyAdmin or some other mySQL tool.  You WILL be going directly into your database to make this change.

If you have somehow installed InfiniteWP on a server where you don’t have access to a tool like phpMyAdmin (Rackspace Cloud Sites comes to mind), you will need to install it to an auxiliary directory to get to your database.

modifyip-infinitewpHop into your application database and look for a table called iwp_allowed_login_ips – that is where the list of allowed IPs lives.  There will be a row for each of the allowed IPs.  Since it’s always been me, there’s one address in there 🙂  Clear the entry OR change it via the phpMyAdmin.

You can do this directly in the SQL or if you’re really sql’ly dis-inclined, yu can click on the table name, go tot he tab Operations and then down to the bottom right of the screen and click the “Empty the table (TRUNCATE)” option.

Once you’re cleared the existing row(s) out of the table, you will be able to get into the application the normal way and add your new ip to InfiniteWP.  That should resolve your issue!

For more information on InfiniteWP and why I use it, check this page on InfiniteWP site management review.

Author: Eric Erickson

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