WordPress 3.1 Works Well!

WordPress 3.1 - It's ALIVE!

We have been anxiously awaiting the WordPress 3.1 release new for several weeks. Get up every day and check for the update – not yet.  A lot of work had gone into updating plugins for the 3.1 WordPress release – I know there were a lot of devs working overtime to get their plugins ready, yet the release just seemed to drag out.

Today, WordPress 3.1 arrived! Naturally it arrived after I finally bit the bullet and had just upgraded to the WordPress 3.0.5 version. On the plus side, that meant that I’d already backed up my databases and all the other stuff. So when I saw that update, what the heck?  Might as well do it right now.

Did do a local test just to make sure there were no glaring issues with WPMU/BuddyPress and all seemed to go well. Went ahead and held my breath… SUCCESS!  Did have a small issue with a few of the sites fouling their permalinks but nothing that a quick update on the permalink style wouldn’t solve.

WP 3.1 actually seems a bit faster to come up when browsing through it. Not sure if it’s a mental thing, but does seem to be a little more responsive. Definitely like the subtle changes that have been made to the inteface.  Will definitely be enjoying using this great update going forward!

Author: Eric Erickson

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