WPMU-DEV Nag screens – and how to get rid of them

I like my WordPress plugins – really I do. Nice neat little bits of modular code that are available for almost anything you could POSSIBLY ever need. Not always, but usually.

As anyone who’s done any WordPress for any length of time knows, there’s some larger groups out there like Automaticc, iThemes (with my favorite BackupBuddy plugin), and, of course, WPMU-DEV.  I have to admit that I love having all these bits of functionality at my fingertips. No matter what a client wants, it’s almost always just a matter of either searching through the repository or even my local plugin directory to find the perfect fit.

Now some of these plugins are free and some are paid. Some are a one off purchase and some are ongoing. One of those that is ongoing is WPMU-DEV if you want to use them.  And if you use even ONE of their plugins, unless you install their handy dandy little WPMU-DEV update notification (now called WPMU Dev Dashboard), you get this annoying nag screen about installing it.

Ostensibly, this allows users to keep up with the myriad updates from WPMU-DEV.  So, even though it feeds me a steady drip of intrusive info, I leave it there. So, launching a new site today, and again, WPMU-DEV error screen (nag screen) pops up. So I validate my license again, put in my umpteen character long key, and boom – You have used all of your automatic updates…  Now, I was never aware that there WAS a limit, furthermore, I don’t really even CARE about this annoying plugin telling me all this crap.  I fill up on plugins anyway and this is one crap plugin that I don’t really want or need. So, get rid of it and you’re left with the nag screen.  It doesn’t hurt anything, but its. just. darned. annoying.

A quick search turned up YAP (Yet another plugin) that will remove the error from NOT having the plugin. And if I’m going to have to put a plugin to not display something as opposed to

  1. A Dev Dashboard plugin with an error screen telling me that I can’t use it on anymore sites, then after removing it,
  2. A nag screen telling me I need to install it, or
  3. One to hide ALL of the WPMU-DEV foolishness and it’s silliness

I’m going with number 3.

Want to find this great plugin to remove the WPMU-DEV nag screen error?  Get it here at StudioNashVegas.com

Now to get rid of all that annoying crap on the REST of my sites.  I’ve hated that d*mned WPMU plugin nag for a while now and their newest message was JUST enough to put me over the edge 🙂  Thank you NashVegas!

Author: Eric Erickson

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  1. THANKYOU!! I bloody HATE their nag screens, I’m off to install this. Honestly if Microsoft were this intrusive there’d be thousands of hate sites -it’s bloody annoying and it’s put me *right* off buying any of their plugins ever again!

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