Diet soda isn’t good for me?

(note: I normally reserve this space for computer repair posts, but this just annoyed the bejeebers out of me…)

I love the new “Diet Soda MIGHT be BAD for you” thing that’s all over the news. Another fine example of getting half the story and playing it up.

On MSNBC they do share the idea that maybe it’s NOT the diet soda but other factors contributing. They mention taking into account smoking, cholesterol levels, etc.  BUT mmm.. people that are drinking diet soda in general are PROBABLY not the healthiest people out of the gate or they WOULDN’T be drinking diet sodas to BEGIN WITH.

It is mentioned that maybe those diet soda drinkers are using it to wash down Big Macs and fries – and THAT could be the problem. Yeah, that’s a real good possibility.  Maybe the study should have thought of monitoring THOSE factors as part of the study. If I had the metabolism of a jackrabbit and was going to eat a Big Mac and fries, I’d probably go ahead and GET the sugar version. But I don’t – on both counts.

Honestly, I don’t believe medical pundits will be happy until we’re all grazing on a field full of organic grain, sucking water directly out of the one uncontaminated mountain spring that hopefully still exists, exercising the rest of our waking day, and all living until 120 and find ourselves in a state of dementia for last 30 of it.

Give me my Big Mac, my fries AND my diet soda and quit ruining my life!

Author: Eric Erickson

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